Food Is To Body, And Nutrition Is To Health

Health is the major aspect in life of every human and this depends to some large extent on nutrition, and the nutrition on food items. Food in fact is the most important factor in connecting with the maintenance as well as the attainment of heath. Human body has 70% of blood and every drop of blood in the human body is conditioned by food items which we eat and this is on blood which every tissue, each organs, every glands, and indeed of every function of the body to be fundamentally depends.

Healthy Neutrician

By food is just meant many materials that have been taken into the system which services to sustain the normal bodily process. This is fallacy of the times to regard that everything and anything called as food if good for health of the person.

For any substance of the body to be regarded properly as the human food items, this should be capable of supplying the body with many materials required for the repair of the human body tissues as well as the maintenance of many functions, whereas at the same time doing no harm thing to the human body and in no way of interfering with the activities. Food is the thing which is to replenish the human body therefore must be the food, so in selecting the food may ensure the first thing which is really food item. We should live on in-taking the nutritious food and not on any other thing generally considered as the food item.

To live healthy and to have the good health condition, this is imperative to eat natural items, wholesome food items in ensuring the food supply is in proper proportion and of the character or just the quality that is suitable for protecting the human body. The chemical elements of body may also combine to make the muscles, blood, brain, body secretions, nerves, and the skeletal tissues. The elements of the food items are spoken as the nutrients like carbohydrates, mineral salts, proteins, water, and fat. So, try to take care of the health.