Malaysia Travel Information for the First-Time Visitor

When it comes to one of the most attractive destinations in Southeast Asia, there are few places as attractive as Malaysia. This beautiful country has everything you need to make your trip the best thing ever to happen to you. Due to its warm weather, Malaysia has often been considered a tropical paradise with a diverse ecosystem. It’s often suggested by frequent travelers that you travel to Malaysia in the dry season which occurs from April to September as the average temperature during this period is from 29oC to 35oC. Coming during this time period also means your tour won’t be interrupted by the rains at the earlier part of the year.

Time to Visit

Visiting Malaysia during March could be difficult as it is a rainy season and the rain could be annoying. Talk about rain that falls every other day. How do you explore the city when you’re stuck in a hotel? Planning to visit Malaysia? Come during the dry season. One plus for visiting Malaysia during the rainy season is that you could get discounted prices for tours and at restaurants due to the fewer crowds that will be available at most places that are often thronged by tourists. Be sure to pack some rain gear to keep you dry during this period.

Getting Around the Cities

When you land in a new country, the first thing you should do is to purchase a map of the whole city as well as learn how the public transportation works. If you prefer to drive; car rentals in Kuala Lumpur has a large number of options for you to rent to facilitate easy movement in and around the city. Other forms of transportation that are available for tourists includes buses, trams, and metro. The KL Sentral Station is the center of transportation in Kuala Lumpur ad it is the connecting point between the city and other provinces.

Types of Taxis

There are three colors of taxis in Malaysia with each color saying a lot about the level of service provided. The blue taxis are often luxurious and more expensive. They also provide outstanding service quality to their customers; the yellow ones are moderate while the red taxis are not so good. Irrespective of the taxi you decide to choose, ensure you inform the driver that you have a map and you won’t be bullied into paying more money if he chooses to go the long way. If you decide not to use a car rental in Kuala Lumpur, the next best options for short destinations are taxis, while public transportations are suitable for longer trips.

Where should you stay?

Where to lay your head in the city is another problem you could face. You could check popular travel sites like for ideas. You should choose a location that is close to transportation systems with a good service quality. Your budget would also influence here, you don’t want to spend all your money on hotel stays without keeping some change left for tours. From past reviews that we found online, the best areas to stay in the city are Bukit Bintang or Chinatown as they are quite suitable for traveling in the city and are close to most tourist attractions so you don’t have to spend much on transportation.

Places to Visit

Depending on the city that you visit, there are lots of tourist attractions in Malaysia with a bulk residing in Kuala Lumpur. You should be able to visit locations such as the Menara KL Tower which is a high broadcasting tower located in the city of Kuala Lumpur. From the top of this tower, you will have a bird’s eye view of thousands of buildings in the city and you can also dine in the world’s highest McDonald’s outlet. The Petronas Twin Tower and the Sunway Lagoon Theme Park are also great places you can visit while in the city. The Petronas Twin Tower is a beauty to behold and is currently the headquarters of the National Petroleum Company of Malaysia, with an architectural masterclass that will amaze you as you climb through and cross from tower to tower. If you have kids, the Sunway Lagoon Theme Park is a great place to visit while in Malaysia. You and your family will be able to participate in water rides, twirling and whirling on the river by participating in a wide range of beach activity that will excite even adults.

There are other areas in Malaysia that you can visit as well such as the Millennium Monument in Putrajaya, the famous Kek Lok Si Temple in Penang and the Poh San Teng.


There are lots of street stalls in Malaysia where you can get tasty meals as well as cold beverages. Just be careful when ordering for this as they come with a lot of condensed milk.