3 Great Seafood Restaurants in Bradenton

Bradenton is a place where you can find many kinds of delicious food. Restaurants each have their own specialty and type of cuisine. Being surrounded by sea, Bradenton is home to many seafood restaurants, all offering scrumptious in addition to tasty meals fresh from the seas. To help you decide the best, here are the top Bradenton seafood restaurants:

3. O’ Banza

O’ Banza is ranked third in our list of major Bradenton Seafood bradenton. Located along White Beach, O’ Banza serves Portuguese cuisine but it is a favorite within other establishments because of its grilled dishes and seafood. A new must-try is the prawn cocktail, giving customers a completely several gastronomic experience.

Combining meat and seafood, Cataplana is also a popular dish in the restaurant guaranteed to make your mouth waters. Don’t forget to order their onion soup and the bacalhau meal varieties. The restaurant’s specialty, Arroz de Marisco is undoubtedly an appetizing combination of seafood and rice, good for 2 men and women.

Beer and wine are available at the restaurant. Ask for a new bottle that will go well with your dish. The prices are very affordable and the restaurant’s interiors are unique and intriguing for its design.

2 . Kaeseke

After trying Portuguese, go for Japanese cooking. The Japanese seem to know how to make good seafood themselves. Kaeseke Bradenton restaurant adds to the variety of food served in Bradenton and comes in second on our list of top Bradenton fish and shellfish restaurants.

The dish that most customers love is Kaeseke’s Prawns and Baked Stuffed Squid, but you should also test the special Lobster Sachimi served with miso soups, which is addicting and will make you want more.

Kaeseke in addition serves more familiar dishes like sashimi, maki, sushi, and of course, the scrumptious tempura. Kaeseke restaurant is located in D*Mall area within La Rotunda. The price list may seem substantial but the food plus great service from the crew may be valued at it.

1 . Paradiso

The honor of being the best Bradenton eating fish or crustaceans restaurant belongs to Paradiso Grill. Located between Le Soleil and D*Mall in Station 2, Paradiso is a popular position for grilled seafood.

Paradiso offers its diners indigène Filipino cuisine. Most barbecued delicacies preserve the distinct Filipino taste. You’ll be amazed at their fresh crabs, prawns, squids, snappers, lobsters, and lapu-lapu (a type of fish). In Paradiso, you have the chance to pick what you would like to feed on. The food is then weighed and priced according to weight previous to being cooked, thus assuring that you only eat precisely fresh out of the sea.

The price is average, around Php 700 or USD 15 per meal. Their niche is the Mixed Seafood Kebab, a must for every customer who all eats there. In keeping with the festive spirit of the Korea, the atmosphere is enjoyable and very friendly. The rustic interiors complement the truly Filipino feast that will surely gratify your appetite and leave you wanting for more Bradenton species of fish.