Solo Traveling Guide: Safe Places to Sleep, Eat and Cycle in Barcelona


Naomi #12

If you are not a professional traveler but still want to travel to somewhere, there is a popular destination. How about traveling solo to Barcelona? Of course, it is challenging and adventurous. Nevertheless, it gives you an opportunity to find new friends, learn attractions and feel free to choose where you are going and why. Don’t worry about the transportation. Europcar at Barcelona airportcan give you any car on your budget. What about the best places to sleep, to eat? If you feel a bit nervous about it and you are a woman…this article is up to you!

Safety Tips

  1. Be smart and careful: don’t go somewhere late with strangers, don’t drink too much and don’t stay alone outside at night; Stay away of unnecessary men’s attention: don’t wear revealing clothes, don’t react to their calls at the street. Life hack: put a ring on your finger to pretend you are married.
  2. Be confident:it is important to be friendly with locals, especially, when you need their help. So, try to show your confidence by looking people in the eyes.
  3. Be alert about what is going on around you: it often happens that someone wants to steal something from you, in the park, shop or public transport. Just watch your stuff and always call for help if something.
  4. Learn from the mistakes of others: you have a chance to learn from the mistakes of other travelers before you go. It can help you to visit the most interesting places, stay in the best hotels and find TOP restaurants in Barcelona.

Sagrada Familia


Find the best tapas restaurant in Barcelona

Traveling through Barcelona, you definitely need to try something tasty and traditional. Of course, you need tapas! Where to find the best Tapas restaurant, mostly convenient for solo travelers? You know, solo traveling has its own advantages. You don’t need to book a table beforehand as it is not a problem to find a place for solo traveler. Tapas 24is often met on your way. You can meet these sorts of restaurants every five minutes. How about having a glass of Cava and other delicious dishes? Mmmm, delicious!

Visit Gaudi places in Barcelona

One way or another, legendary Gaudi places are what you need to see in Barcelona in the first turn. There is an idea to book a Fast Pass ticket and visit as many Gaudi places as you could visit. You should start from La SagradaFamilia, ParcGuell, andCasa Mila. Continue your trip by visiting Casa Batllo. There is also an opportunity to take a smart audio guide to learn more about Gaudi creatures and people that these masterpieces were designed for.

Casa Milà


Buy tickets in advance for SagradaFamilia

It is not a problem to get to SagradaFamilia by car. It is much better and faster than using metro. But there is a useful tip! You badly need to buy tickets in advance. There are many different sorts of entrance tickets. You may try the ‘Top views’ ticket. It has a timed entrance plus entrance to one of the towers of the castle. If you don’t book a ticket beforehand, there is a chance to wait in a long line like other inexperienced visitors.

What a beautiful place it is! The huge glassy windows open a marvelous city views. Even if you are not highly religious person, you will stop and admire of sunlight in the church windows. Everything is stony, but looks like alive. There are sculptured trees, flowers, people. This is the TOP place to visit in your MUST-visit list.



Go cycling on a beautiful cycle route in Barcelona

There is nothing better than a good car, except for a good bike. You have a chance to ride a bike and spend some time in active way. Meet Green Bikes Barcelona! This is a company that is ready to give a bike for you, instruct you, and give competent assistance. You can feel really happy by driving your bike through the city parks and alleys, beachside and villages. You can see beautiful hotel facades, palm tree lines along the road and historic buildings, old relics. You can easily make a stop and see closer. It is easy to park your bike in the center.



Take dinner in La Boqueria in Barcelona

Traveling through the city, you have enough time to discover new and interesting eating places. Nevertheless, there is one more place you have to visit for dinner before you leave. It’s all about Bar Pinotxo in La Boqueria. The bar is good for dinner or for a quick lunch. You have a chance to talk with the bar owner to learn more about the dishes from menu and visitors.

Solo traveling is good and adventurous, but also dangerous in somewhat. Traveling woman should be twice careful. Of course, Barcelona is rather friendly city and there is nothing to worry about. But you should follow some safety tips to make your traveling better. Whenever you go, there are always places that are recommended for visiting solo and not. Watch them!