Understanding Reciprocating Air Compressor

Reciprocating air compressor is a positive displacement machine that minimizes the volume of the air to increase its pressure. The pressurized air is stored in a large steel vessel and cleared at the point-of- use through a steel pipe fitted with any control valve.

Since pressurized air has many uses inside modern day industry, reciprocating are in great demand. Their tough construction and ability to work non-stop for long hours makes them industrial workhorse. There are two types of reciprocating air compressors.

Single Stage Air Compressor

A single stage air refrigerator has one, two or three compression cylinders of same lose interest size, in which piston(s) compress the air against the cylinder check out raise its pressure and discharge it in storage area tank. Usually this type of compressor is used where medium strain air is required like, operating pneumatic tools, spray piece of art, fuel atomization for boiler, blow molding, filtration method in oil injected compressor, and drive pneumatic nailers, staplers and other similar types of machines.

Two Stage Air Compressors

Inside two stage the air is compressed twice before it is provided for the air receiver tank. The atmospheric air is blocked and sucked into low pressure (LP) cylinder by using a inlet valve. The reciprocating movement of piston inside the cylinder compresses the air to raise its pressure. Since compression setting increases temperature of the air, it is passed through an intercooler (heat exchanger) where the water absorbs the heat from the squeezed air to cool it before it is sent to underhand (HP) cylinder to further compression. This is done to reduce atmosphere temperature and increase the efficiency of entire compression routine. The bore of the high-pressure cylinder is less than LP cyndrical tube and this design helps to raise the pressure further, without any upsurge in power for compression stroke.

There are two types of reciprocating air compressors based on their design. They are:

• Reciprocating horizontal balance opposed piston water cooled compressor- In this particular type of compressor both the cylinders, LP and HP they fit in horizontal position opposite to each other and driven by the same crankshaft powered by an electric motor
• Reciprocating vertical balance opposed water cooled compressor- This is also lesser sibling cylinder compressor with, HP and LP cylinders put in vertical direction, opposite to each.

Reciprocating air compressors desire a robust foundation made out of reinforced concrete to minimize the vibratory forces that originate because of the reciprocating motion of two pistons in opposite direction. This type of air compressor is misaligned robust construction and its well oiled moving parts make it possible for operators to run it nonstop for long duration of moment at minimum power consumption and with fewer maintenance arrives.