What to Look for When Shopping for Bilstein Shocks

Bilstein Shocks has existed for a really long time- over 125 years, which is more than the car has been around. This right here tells you that this is an excellent company that knows how to make products that endure the test of time, and they must understand a little bit about innovation as well.

How is that possible to have a car shocks maker that’s been around longer than cars have? Because the creator of Bilstein first produced alloy window fittings. You see, at the aftermarket auto parts sector, it is all about engineering and design. When it’s metal window fittings or a suspension system for your tuner car, it all starts with advanced design and expert engineering.

And that is what Bilstein Shocks are all about. They place gigantic effort into research and development of their products, which include the following:

  • Shocks/struts
  • Performance shock absorbers
  • Performance suspension kits
  • Electronic suspension systems

Bilstein prides itself on creating aftermarket suspension systems that maximize the driving experience like no other brand. In addition they claim their suspension systems enhance motorist safety as a consequence of the fine tuning that is possible as soon as you install their products. Suspension technology is their match, and they put every ounce of energy into creating a number of the best systems on earth. All their products are made in Germany.
Bilstein Shocks produces performance techniques for:

Bilstein Shocks actually developed new technology that is used in aftermarket suspension methods. Their Gas Pressure Technology is used in standard automotive construction today, and is believed to be a standard. Basically the idea would be to keep up the pressure on the oil that is inside each shock absorber. When the pressure remains high, the oil can’t foam up. When the petroleum foams up, your suspension does not perform at peak levels. Your automobile will lose full damping power.

What makes the oil foam up? Changes in temperature due to increased loads. Therfore, Bilstein Shocks allow you to conduct you automobile more challenging, without sacrificing functionality.

Bilstein Shocks generates the best Mono/Twin Tube Technology, which is a descendent of the first mono-tub gas pressure shock absorbers. In reality, the very first of these on the planet were created by Bilstein Shocks.